Abbott said, Screw it, Our Numbers are Up. Let’s Open the Rest of Texas!

Abbott said, Screw it, Our Numbers are Up. Let’s Open the Rest of Texas!

Greg Abbott Negotiates With Terrorists

Today, Greg Abbott said he’s going to open the rest of Texas. This move all has to do with a hairstylist’s aggression, cherry-picking numbers, and attempt to gas-light the people of Texas.

While watching the court hearing of the City of Dallas vs Trump-lover Shelly Luther, just after the judge found her in both civil and court contempt, he called a recess so they could hear Greg Abbott’s press conference. Right before he called the recess, the judge asked the prosecutors and Luther’s attorney if they thought the charges should be adjusted based on Abbott’s new executive orders.

Last week, while watching all of the nauseating videos of Shelly Luther, I remember she said she had been in frequent contact with Abbott’s office and Huffines, (who heads Abbott’s strike-force). Then, this week, she posted these:

Is this the text that made Abbott say he'll open the rest of Texas.
Shelly thinks to open the rest of Texas is all about her.

About 10 minutes into Abbott’s press conference he announced hair salons can open this Friday. You can see the press conference here:

Greg Abbott spit out a bunch of numbers

Not only were these numbers bad, but he tried to tell us why the numbers were good. An old play out of Trump’s handbook to gas-lighting, explain why it’s good to open the rest of Texas, even though it looks bad.

After he said what the numbers were, he said that in the coming weeks we should expect to see the available hospital beds go down. The reason for this is because Texas has been so focused on Coronavirus cases, now we need to free up these hospital beds so people can get tested for cancer. I’m not sure Abbott even knows what he is talking about sometimes like he just says words and then smiles. He’s like Dubya Bush but without the humor.

Abbott spouts bullshit to open the rest of Texas.

Republican Math

The Governor looked right into the camera and with a serious face said, “we’ve seen an increase in testing, which is why our number of cases has gone up the last two weeks.”

No shit, Sherlock.

Then, he babbled on about how Texas is doing so great with testing now and then blurted out a list of testing numbers and percentages. Remember, this is the same Governor who said a few weeks ago that testing wasn’t important unless you were sick.

We still have only tested 1.4% of the population.

As Abbott finished up his self-congratulatory monologue on testing he added, he’s been in close contact with Vice President Pence, who laid out a goal of testing 2% of the state population per month. That would take just over 4 years for everyone to get a test.

That’s when he announced he’ll open the rest of Texas.

Per Abbott’s order, salons can open up on 5/8/20. Gyms and non-essential manufacturers can open up on 5/18. Office buildings can also open back up on 5/18. Get ready, y’all, you’re headed back to work, (if you aren’t back already).


Then Greg Abbott kept talking about, ‘flair-ups,’ he said that term so much, I thought he was a herpes commercial.

He said, “Prepare for flair-ups.” Meaning, our numbers are going to go up, he acknowledges our numbers will go up. However, don’t worry because Abbott has a surge-response team.

When we open the rest of Texas there will be flair ups.

Although, he failed to explain what a surge response team does. He also said it’s OK because we have the hospital capacity.

Regardless, the numbers will rise, the deaths will rise, and Abbott will point to testing as the reason and not the fact that we no longer have “real” safety measures in place.

Texas hasn’t hit its peak yet.

One of the reporters asked Abbott what he had to say about the experts all saying it was dangerous to open. Abbott, demanded the reporter give him the names of these experts. Then said, “oh ya, I talked to him and him.” He went on to explain that it was common for doctors to have a difference of opinion and pointed to the experts who told him Texas would see 260 deaths a day, but we never saw that.

Texas hasn't hit our peak, that's why Abbot said he'll open the rest of Texas.

We may see that in June though, now that we are all being sacrificed for the billionaires at the top. And that’s how Abbott and Texas Republicans see the working class, as sacrificial lambs. Baaaa!

Abbott then added that Texas has met the Whitehouse criteria and Dr. Birx told him Texas has a great plan.

What about Shelly Luther?

That case wound up being one of the best courthouse smack-downs I’ve seen in a while. I’m working on a follow-up, stay tuned.

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