Hasn’t it always been clear, Trump will cheat in November?

Hasn’t it always been clear, Trump will cheat in November?

Not only in Texas but all around the country it’s become more apparent to conservatives are losing their grip on power and they will do everything they can to hold on to it. Trump has already made it known, he is willing to ask Russia to interfere in our elections, extort Ukraine to interfere in our elections, take information from a foreign government to damage his opponent, and smear his opponent Joe Biden. Haven’t we all known all along, Trump will cheat to win?

Trump has absolutely no moral or legal compass. He will lie and cheat at all costs. Now, we should all expect him to do some really crazy shit to destroy the election process. Otherwise, he would be crushed in a fair election.

Americans Need to Fight Against Voter Suppression

Taking a long queue from Texas’ many years of aggressive voter suppression, Trump along with Republicans all over the country are trying to find ways to stop people from voting. As the coronavirus continues on, Democrats are making a push to expand mail-in-voting. Of course, Trump is opposing it and urged all Republicans to fight it, “because it doesn’t work out well for the GOP.”

Trump will cheat on the November elections.

Americans must be willing to put their lives on the line to stop the Trump dictatorship from destroying American and life on this planet. Trump will cheat, it’s apparent.

That means mask, gloves, gowns, shields – whatever you can get – and stand in as long a line as you have to, and vote this fascist bastard out!

The Wisconsin GOP just proved they are willing to kill people to win the 2020 election. If that’s what is happening in Wisconsin, imagine what they’ll do in Texas.

Trump is leading a war against a mail-in election and all red-state legislators and the Supreme Court majority will make voting by mail as difficult and limited as possible. This is our generation’s challenge. This is our moment to face the Hitler-like threat of the 21st century. If we can overcome their hacking and voter suppression, put Biden in the White House, and sweep the Senate, we’re going to have to kill the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court with at least 2 extra members.

Trump VS America

As reports of Trump firing the oversight watchdog who was in charge of overseeing the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus fund explode all over the news. Many of us are staring in disbelief, as we watch this madman continue to destroy us. And that is exactly what Trump is doing, slowly, step by step. Just like Hitler did. This is disaster capitalism on steroids.

Trump followers lead him blindly.

He has truly become a dictator in many ways. Trump will likely attempt to destroy our election process so he cannot be beaten this November. The American people are doing exactly what the German people did in the 1930s, 1940s. Sitting there watching a madman destroy them.

With the exception of the Trump cultists, all of America is against Trump and Trump is against all Americans. We can no longer consider Trump cultists patriots. They are members of a cult, and their only loyalty lies with their leader.

Trump cultists have no respect for our Constitution. They want to see an end to our Democratic Republic, and they will follow orders without question.

We all must vote

If you aren’t registered to vote, go here.

The clock is ticking for Trump and Conservatives and it’s time for them to go.

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