So… #KeepTexasRed is Trending on Twitter. That Means the GOP is Scared.

So… #KeepTexasRed is Trending on Twitter. That Means the GOP is Scared.

Texas is going blue

When Texas turns blue, it won’t only make Texas a better place, it will make the entire nation better. Because Texas is so big and has so much electoral power, when Texas turns blue, everything changes. The GOP is scared This is why so much money is poured into Texas, this is why Republicans fight so hard for voter suppression and gerrymandering.

The GOP is scared. A blue wave is coming.

Texans are literally dying because of the incompetence of both Donald Trump and Greg Abbott. Texas deserves better. Abbott is scared, Cornyn is scared, they are all shivering in their boots.

How Texas turning blue affects the entire country

This is the biggest one in 2020: While Trump could win Texas and still lose the election. If Trump did not win Texas, he would most certainly lose the election, just based on our sheer electoral numbers.

Aside from this, during the last two censuses, the Texas GOP implemented insane redistricting maps that have completely fucked us for decades now. Take a look at just a few district maps in Texas.

The next census is now, 2020. Based on the census results, Texas will have the chance to redraw the maps again. If Democrats controlled the Texas House, redistricting could wind up being fair and not based on keeping the GOP in power.

Texas leans red, but they are no longer a solid red state

Democrats won more than a dozen seats in the state legislature in the 2018 election and even threatened the Senate seat during Beto O’Rouke’s run.

Texas has had the fastest-growing population in all of America. Many states have slowed down in population growth, but Texas still sees a continuous gain. The majority of our population growth is from domestic migration. That means that our population growth is coming from Americans moving here from other states.

Texas is tired of the GOP.

A lot of these people coming here are from New York, California, Illinois, and other left-leaning states. This completely changes our voter make-up.

What we are up against is a megalithic system of Right-Wing propaganda that spews things some people want to hear and that is usually pure bullshit. They get by with a loud voice and megaphone that ends up resulting in nothing but empty rhetoric.

The GOP is scared and obsolete and they know it. Now, they are resorting to whatever obfuscation, manipulation, dirty deed, and relying on Trump’s regime building to help them survive, demographics be damned.

The Texas Vote Challenge

Everyone has to vote.

We still have 7 months until the election. From now until then, every democrat should be working. Even if you can’t pound the pavement and block walk or make phone calls, there are things you can do.

Every young person you know, talk to them about voting, tell them what is at stake. Don’t just talk to them once, talk to them again and again. Remind them of important dates to register, early vote, and vote.

Every non-voter you know, talk to them until you are blue in the face. Tell them how close we are. Tell them we have a real chance at making Texas a better place for us all.

What’s at stake? Healthcare, education, and living wages. Texas is proud. Texas represents morals and values and the GOP doesn’t have either of those.

Living Blue in Texas challenges all of you. Get two new people registered to vote before the elections in November. But that’s not enough. Remind them of important dates. Offer them a rides to the polls. if need be. If every Texas democrat does this, we will win. The GOP is scared, and they should be.

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