Texas is Lying About the TRUE number of COVID Cases – Here is the Proof

Texas is Lying About the TRUE number of COVID Cases – Here is the Proof

It’s Worse Than We Thought

This entire month, I’ve been writing about the Coronavirus response in Texas. While the number of Coronavirus cases has been steadily rising, the number of coronavirus tests has been uncomfortably low. Texas is lying, lying about infections, lying about testing, and lying about the deaths.

Walker County

Today, I came across this article in the Huntsville Item. It shows that 66 inmates and 34 employees of the Department of Criminal Justice in Walker County have tested positive for Coronavirus. That is exactly 100 cases. Yet, when I looked on the Texas Department of Health and Human Services’ coronavirus map, it said there are only 95 cases in Walker County. 

Texas is lying about their coronavirus numbers.

So, I looked around a little more. Also in the Huntsville Item, another article, which includes the cases of the inmates, said 49 people in the general public also have tested positive. Putting the total in Walker County at 115

Yet, the Texas DSHS coronavirus cases in Walker County say 95 and it was last updated a few hours ago. 

Anderson County

As of yesterday, 74 inmates and 215 employees at the Beto unit with the Department of Criminal Justice in Anderson County Texas have tested positive for coronavirus. Nearly 300 more are still waiting for their test results. 

That alone is 289 positives in Anderson County. Undoubtedly, the 215 employees also live nearby. Community spread is probably happening all over Anderson County. 

Yet, the Texas DSHS coronavirus cases in Anderson County say 10. 

Yes, 10. 

The numbers show Texas is lying.

Maybe, the numbers are somewhere else?

After I saw these two issues, I started looking around on the Department of Health and Human Services at all of their Coronavirus numbers. I downloaded all of the spreadsheets with raw data and read all the small print. I thought, maybe the state is counting the numbers on inmates separately. They are not. 

Aside from whether or not the state is counting the prisoners somewhere else, just in those two counties alone, 249 employees of the Department of Criminal Justice have tested positive. Shouldn’t those people be counted as citizens of the counties they live and work in? 

So, I looked around a little more. 

How many more counties in Texas is the DSHS lying about? 

Cherokee County

The Cherokee County Public Health Department is reporting 10 cases, yet the DSHS is only reporting 8

How many are there, really?

Yeah, that’s only 2, but 2 in Cherokee County, 279 in Anderson County, 20 in Walker County…. It all adds up. If they are lying about every county in East Texas, it’s far worse than any of us can even imagine. 

Remember, there are 254 counties in Texas. 

Texas DSHS even lets us know they’ve left a few out.

At the bottom of their tracking dashboard, they say: “The estimated number does not include data from any cases reported before 3/24/2020.” 

Well, on 3/24/2020 Greg Abbott gave a press conference and stated 715 people had tested positive in Texas so far. 

Let’s add those to the 301 cases DSHS isn’t reporting from Cherokee, Walker, and Anderson Counties; and that brings us to 1,016 positive coronavirus cases the state knows about but is not reporting. 

These are the numbers that Greg Abbott brags about in his weekly press conferences. He cites the numbers directly from the Department of Health and Human Services. 

They aren’t only lying about the people who can get tests, they are also lying about how many people have tested positive. 

Now it all makes sense.

Who Else?

Ellis County: They are reporting 111 cases, DSHS is reporting 100.

Johnson County: Reporting 52 cases, DSHS is reporting 44.

Comal County: They are reporting 45 cases, DHSH is reporting 43.

Gregg County: They are reporting 54 cases, the DSHS is reporting 52.

Rusk County: They were reporting 29 cases a few days ago. Today, the DHSH says they have 27 cases. 

If this is going on with the little rural counties. What is going on with the bigger counties? 

Tarrant County: They are reporting 1,333 cases. Texas DSHS is reporting 1,249. 

Brazoria County: They are reporting 345 cases, DSHS is reporting 333.

Harris County: Reporting today, 5,143 cases, even though the DSHS numbers today say 4,977.

We see what you're doing, Texas.

Here are the counties we looked AT, That matched the Texas DSHS numbers: 

Dallas, Denton, Collin, Nacogdoches, Bexar, Gray, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina, Hidalgo, Cameron, Galveston, and Fort Bend.

If you haven’t been keeping track: 

We looked at 24 counties. The positive coronavirus cases which are being reported by about half of the counties are higher than what the state is reporting. In some cases it’s only a couple more, in other cases it’s hundreds. 

In the 11 counties where the numbers are higher and the cases which the DSHS admits to omitting… there are 1,402 more coronavirus cases than the state is reporting. We haven’t even looked at the other 230 counties, yet. 

Stay tuned.


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