Texas Continues to Bungle the Coronavirus Response

Texas Continues to Bungle the Coronavirus Response

We’re likely all infected

This morning, the John Hopkins coronavirus map says in Texas, there are currently 7,294 infections with 140 deaths. Of course, the Texas HHS coronavirus map is still lagging behind with 6,812 infections and 127 deaths. Regardless, depending on who you ask, Texas isn’t supposed to reach their apex until between April 19 and May 6. Our coronavirus response isn’t enough.

Last Friday, Greg Abbott told us all in a press conference, thus far there have been 827 people hospitalized in Texas. However, that number is likely wrong due to the massive amount of people in Texas who haven’t had access to testing or the 10-day delay for test results we have been seeing in some areas.

A new paper posted online this weekend from UT Austin found that the coronavirus is likely not in 74% of all counties in the US. The 102 counties in Texas, who haven’t reported an outbreak yet also have a 9% chance that community spread is already happening.

Even counties with just a single reported case have more than 50 percent likelihood that a sustained, undetected outbreak is already taking place. The biggest takeaway from this paper is that COVID-19 is likely creeping through rural Texas towns right now.

Greg Abbott is just as bad of a leader as Trump

Let us not forget, (as in, never ever forget), that Abbott said his coronavirus response is based on President Trump’s guidelines.

Trump hasn’t ordered a national shelter-in-place, so Abbott hasn’t called a state shelter-in-place. Trump fumbled the testing roll-out, so Abbott failed the testing roll-out.

Greg Abbott has lied and lied again about Texas’ coronavirus response. Just this last week, he told Texans to stay at home, but still refused to call a shelter-in-place. Why? According to this New York Times article, because he doesn’t want to risk angering Trump or going against Trump. Abbott is just another typical Republican with Cheetos dust stains all over his mouth. While we’ve mentioned it before, we’ll say it again. Thousands of Texans are going to ultimately die because of Greg Abbott’s lack of action.

Abbott is now picking a fight with left-leaning Dallas County

Once again, following in Trump’s footsteps, Abbott’s office is targeting left-leaning counties unfairly. On March 29 Clay Jenkins announces his plan to use the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center as an overflow temporary hospital.

However, just yesterday Greg Abbott’s office wrote Jenkins a letter stating they intend on taking the convention center back from him if he doesn’t intend on using it. Clay Jenkins responded, calling the letter crazy and confusing.

We’re all confused as to what Greg Abbott is doing, trying to do, or wants to do. The only thing we know for certain about Abbott is he doesn’t want to distance or anger Trump.

Abbott to hold another press conference today

Our spineless governor has another press conference scheduled for today at 2 pm. Where he will likely lie more about our numbers, praise Trump, and still continue to not order a shelter-in-place. At this point, even if he does order a shelter-in-place, community spread is happening everywhere. And with the exception of teachers and retail workers, nearly every Texan is considered an essential employee. In a month or two from now, when we’re still mourning the loss of the thousands of Texans who have not yet perished in this pandemic, we should all be looking to our leadership and asking why didn’t they do more? Why didn’t they act sooner?

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