Is Greg Abbott Sacrificing Texans to Stay in Trump’s Favor?

Is Greg Abbott Sacrificing Texans to Stay in Trump’s Favor?

Lying Liar, Greg Abbott Lied Again

Whew! Did y’all see today’s press conference? That was by far the toughest press conference I’ve ever seen a Texas politician have to do with Texan reporters? What’s going on, y’all? Kudos to the journalists today that hit Abbott with facts and made him answer. It was the final straw. Is Abbott sacrificing Texans to appease Trump?

I wish I knew their names, I’d tell you to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

The entire press conference prior to the questions was just more of Abbott reassuring us that everything is going great. Our numbers are going down, we’re almost past this, we have the best numbers in the country. The exact same bullshit he has said in all of the rest of these recent press conferences.

The question about the nursing homes came first

(I’m recapping, this is not verbatim, for the entire questions and answers see the video link above)

The elderly are hit hard with coronavirus.

The reporter mentioned the nursing homes all over the state and asked Abbott if he could address these coronavirus clusters as well as what he is going to do about it.

Abbott tried to explain the medical reason elderly people were more susceptible to the virus, not giving any direct answers.

Then, he said, “I’ll use the Masonic Lodge in Arlington as an example.”

We wrote about this several times. In fact, if you read our blog last week, “Tarrant County Testing Numbers Artificially Low,” you would know we caught him on camera lying about the number of test kits sent to Arlington. (If you didn’t read it, you can follow our blog over there on the right for future updates→)

He then said he saw a story yesterday that said all of the residents there have been tested and they’ve all been cleared. I did a quick Google News search and found nothing. Did he just completely make that story up? Maybe I’ve got some sort of weird filter or I used the wrong search terms. If anyone can find that so-called story (which would have had to been published before 12 pm on 4/8), can they comment on the link down below or on our Facebook page?

It’s odd that we were able to find reports that Mr. James’ wife had still not been tested 13 days after her first symptoms. Yet, we were unable to find out how many tests were performed at that home. The only reports that came out were prior to when they were supposed to happen and of their intentions.

Then the next question called Abbott out of his BS

This guy was great! Anyone know his name?

He started off with, “I’m sorry if I’m sounding skeptical, but…” And then it got real. The entire time, you could see Abbott’s fingers twitching.

The question wound up being multi-faceted, so I’ll recap. (Watch the clip above to see this, it’s glorious)

Greg Abbott is infuriating.
  • If you do the quick math, you can see we’re way behind testing as a ratio to New York,
  • So, how can you possibly say that we’re doing a better job of knowing how many people are infected when we’re testing 5 times less the ration in New York?
  • Speaking from personal experience, I know 3 people who were sick, but could not get tested because they didn’t meet the criteria for testing.
  • What are the criteria for testing?

His response?

Abbott squirmed a bit and then said he’ll let Dr. Hellerstedt answer regarding criteria. Then he said more than 90% of the people tested in Texas, test negative.

According to today’s numbers, that’s 90.3% there, Governor Abbott. Why not just say 90%?

Then, Abbott said, receiving a negative test really does you no good, because then you could just get COVID-19 later today. It’s only important to identify a positive, so we can isolate them and stop the spread.

Just like Trump, Abbott is a clown.

You don’t say, Dr. Abbott.

I imagine the only way to find out who is positive is by giving everyone who shows symptoms in Texas a test. As I wrote about with my own experience trying to get a test when I had pneumonia, and as our friends, families, and co-workers repeat the same thing…

The amount of testing in Texas has been EXTREMELY limited.

Then he said that in New York, the situation has been more deadly. So, that’s why they’ve gotten more tests.

Despite, the countless number of reports that have come out, which have said there are a lot more deaths related to this virus, that we have not linked to the virus. Experts are saying that this could even go back as far as January.

What reports?

Reports that the coronavirus numbers are wrong.

Like this report.

Or this one.

This one, too.

You get the point. The reason this is happening a result of inconsistent protocols, limited resources, and a different decision making from one state or county to the next.

According to the New York Times: In many rural areas, coroners say they don’t have the tests they need to detect the disease. Doctors now believe that some deaths in February and early March, before the coronavirus reached epidemic levels in the United States, were likely misidentified as influenza or only described as pneumonia.

As well, it’s being reported that a lot of elderly people are dying in nursing homes, many of them have all of the symptoms, and many of them are never tested. Are we now just learning that as a country, the government feels like these people are disposable?

If you won’t test people when they are sick when we won’t test people when they die, what are we doing??!! We are keeping our numbers artificially low.

Abbott then said we’ve been increasing testing daily by 10% compounded. Yes, he talked about people, as if he were speaking about a loan. Then he repeated about testing not being a solution because it’s only important when it’s positive. The best thing to do is to follow the stay at home orders. He means the stay at home orders, unless you’re essential, which is like 70% of businesses. Which also could be an order, or could be a suggestion. Who knows?

Why is Abbott lying?

Did y’all hear Trump praising Abbott and how well he is doing in Texas the other day with his coronavirus response?

Abbott is sacrificing Texans and blood is on his hands.

Even though Abbott isn’t as classless as Trump, he is still putting his political agenda above the people of Texas. Not only that, but he is also lying to our faces. We know it, and he knows we know it. That’s why he talks in circles.

Is Abbott sacrificing Texans just to appease Trump? He is no different than any GOPer out there. Kiss up to Trump at all costs.

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