Abbott bald-faced lied, said TX COVID down for 17 days, ready to open

Abbott bald-faced lied, said TX COVID down for 17 days, ready to open

Abbott bld-faced lied, so now Texas will be open for business on May 1.

I’m not sure why anyone would expect anything else from Abbott. Today, he got on TV and bald-faced lied to the people of Texas, once again. We’ve all watched Abbott echo Trump in the failures of leadership. He’s had these repeated press conferences, where he has lied and lied again.

Abbott has repeatedly said he has been taking his direction from Trump, even though Trump has done nothing but lie to all of us. Time and time again, we were told that the curve was flattening, even when Texas’ data shows otherwise. Here is the data published by Texas just today:

This data proves that Abbott bold-faced lied to the people of Texas.

Our total cases have not gone down, our new cases have not gone down, and our deaths have not gone down. This is according to Texas’ number.

On top of that, many Texans who have been sick still cannot get tested. Many people who have died, are not being counted as a death related to coronavirus, even when they are.

If you want to see the entire shit-show press conference, here it is:

What did he say?

He started the conference by stating, “For the past 2 months, Texans have bonded together to prioritize health and safety. Because of their efforts, the COVID infection rate has been on the decline for the last 17 days.”

However, ALL data points to otherwise. According to the state of Texas, we just rolled over 25,000 infections today. Remember, the state of Texas is under-reporting on top of their efforts to suppress testing.

Another lie he told today was that Texas’ number of recoveries exceed the active cases. ANOTHER BALD-FACED LIE.

According to Texas’ website, they have 11K recovered and 25K infections. 11K does not exceed 25K. Who believes this crap? Do people not research for themselves and just take Abbott’s word? Maybe that’s a dumb question since we already all know the answer.

Greg Abbott bold-faced lied to all of us.

Abbott said that Texas is to open in phases:

Phase one begins on May 1. All movie theaters, restaurants, and retail can now open. And that these businesses are expected to occupancy 25% capacity. He also said they will be especially focusing on Texas nursing homes, (despite the fact he had already been promising us this since February 27th).

Abbott and anti-woman doctor Hellerstadt said that part of this phase will include testing up to 25,000 people per day. When questioned about when Texas should see that many tests, both skirted the question, never answered directly, and said the Trump administration is going to help them get more tests. That would be the same Trump administration who said it wasn’t their responsibility and it was up to states to get their testing.

Also with phase one, all dentists, healthcare providers, and cosmetic surgeons can now open their businesses back up. As can libraries in museums.

Then as long as there are no coronavirus flair-ups, we can go into phase two on May 18th. However, we all know, even if there are flair-ups, Abbott will likely once again get on TV and lie about it, just as he lied about all of the numbers today.

Greg Abbott is a liar.

His orders will supersede all county and city orders.

So even if you live in Dallas County, Harris County, or anywhere else that has a major coronavirus outbreak, your local leaders cannot set restrictions to keep their citizens safe.

At the end of his press conference, he took several questions from obvious right-leaning reporters, who instead of asking him about his lies, asked what will he say to all the people who still think he hasn’t done enough.

When asked if the state of Texas will be doing anything to test or monitor African American and Hispanic American communities, where coronavirus outbreaks have been so prevalent. Abbott and the anti-woman doctor said, “they will look into it.”

Everyone in Texas knows when they say that, it means they won’t.

Then Greg Abbott concluded his press conference by thanking Donald Trump on behalf of America for helping to get Texas open.

Just like Trump, Abbott bald-face lied to us. He is not a leader.

These next few years in Texas, you need to vote like your life depends on it. Likely it will.


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