Texas’ Biggest Dipshit is Immune to Science

Texas’ Biggest Dipshit is Immune to Science

Old man Gohmert, a favorite butt of Texas jokes, was in the news again this week. According to Jim Sciutto, from CNN, Gohmert may have been exposed to COVID-19. Yet, will not be choosing to self-quarantine. Of course, that’s because he’s immune to science.

Does anyone really expect any less from him?

We are talking about a man who voted on deauthorizing critical habitats for endangered species. He voted NO on regulating tobacco and voted to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. Anyone who has been following Texas politics for any amount of time knows what a complete ass Gohmert is. We’ve really come to expect this type of bullshit from him. We already knew he was immune to science. He’s about as Texas-Republican as Texas-Republicans come.

How Texas-Republican is he?

  • He has a 100% rating from the NRLC.
  • A 0% rating from the HRC.
  • A 19% rating from the NAACP.
  • He totes a 0% rating from NORML.
  • Unsurprisingly, he also has an A rating with the NRA.

Gohmert is a Consequence of the 2003 Redistricting

Back in 2003, the Texas GOP led the reigns in one of the most extreme and partisan gerrymandering efforts this country has ever seen. Prior to that, Gohmert’s district (Texas’ first congressional district), had been held by a democrat all the way back to 1871. When elected in 2005, Gohmert became the first republican to lead that district in over 130 years.

Gerrymandered Texas' 1st US Congressional District.

Of course, it was intentional. The only way that Texas Republicans can stay in charge is by cheating. They saw the changing demographics nearly 20 years ago. They decided to take action, in advance to try and edge Democrats out. Between the Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression efforts, they’ve been holding on to Texas for a long time. Not only did this lead to Gohmert being elected, but subsequently re-elected seven times.

Until the extreme partisan Gerrymandering in Texas ends or Texas voters wake the hell up, we’re going to continue being plagued by morons like Gohmert. Always remember to vote.

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